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Zipvit Sport ZV8 Energy Bars (20 x 55g) Uncoated Orange

ZipVit Sport

Zipvit Sport ZV8 Energy Bars (20 x 55g) Uncoated Orange. Key Features Easily Digested High Carbohydrate Formula Ideal for Carbohydrate Loading Free from Artificial Flavours, Colours & Preservatives Great Range of Flavours 20 Bars Per Box Approx. Weight: 55g per bar Description The Zipvit ZV8 Energy bar is a highly acclaimed, class leading, energy bar that is taking the world of cycling by storm. Specially formulated for endurance athletes, it contains multiple carbohydrate sources to maximize energy delivery. ZV8 Energy Bars improve performance by providing the body with easily digested carbohydrate energy during exercise. This is achieved without causing stomach upsets, so you can easily meet your energy needs and maximise performance. It also includes Zipvit’s synergistic mix of vitamins to help with energy production from carbohydrates and fats and protect against harmful free radicals. Using ZV8 energy bars in training allows higher exercise intensities to be maintained, helping to increase the stimulus for adaptation and improvement. Taken after exercise they also help recovery by speeding up refuelling. “Very tasty, easy to eat, good value and highly effective energy bar” road.cc   9/10 "Versatile, quick eating energy delivery without a bellyache backlash" BikeRadar   4/5 About Zipvit Founded in 1999, Zipvit has grown to become one of the leading vitamin & mineral suppliers in the UK. They pride themselves on sourcing and supplying the very best products available to their customers and consistently provide unbeatable value and quality on a vast range of products. Their no nonsense, transparent approach to quality and value has seen them exceed more than one million online customers, they are totally committed to bring you the best vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition available. NB: Please click on the tab for a list of ingredients and nutritional information. Image for illustration purposes.