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Widget Part Reflective Mudguards 700c x 20-28mm - Black / Silver


Widget Part Reflective Mudguards 700c x 20-28mm - Black / Silver. Key Features Easy To Fit High Visibility Road Mudguards  Partly Reflective Finish Improves Your Visibility To Other Road Users Easy To Fit To A Wide Range Of Bikes Compatible With Disc And Regular Caliper Brakes Full Length Design Offers Excellent Coverage Of The Tyre Available In 20-28mm And 28-45mm Sizes Part Reflective Mudguards The Widget Components Part Reflective Mudguard takes the excellent Fully Reflective mudguard and tones it down a notch, creating a classic black and silver mudguard that is easy on the eye. Mudguard cynics are being converted hand over fist to these easy to fit and smartly designed road mudguards. A subtle silver colour on the rear of the guard becomes a reflective surface when light is shined on it, lighting you up to other road users and increasing your visibility. The Guards are also extremely easy to fit to a wide variety of bikes including those with disc brakes. The full length design of the mudguards offers extremely good tyre coverage and helps to keep the majority of road spray off you, ideal in the wet winter months. Smartly designed, beautifully made, highly visible and outstanding value, the Widget Components Part Reflective Mudguard is the new benchmark.  About Widget Components Widget Components offers a huge range of bicycle accessories including handlebar tape, bells, brake and gear cable, disc and rim brake pads and mudguards. All of their products are smartly designed with adverse conditions in mind, offering excellent performance and great value for money. The Widget Components range is a great way to finish of your bike with reliable components designed to work well and go the distance.  NB: Images are for illustration purposes only