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Velotoze Toe Cover Black


Velotoze Toe Cover Black. Key Features Fully Waterproof And Windproof Flexible, Lightweight Material Aerodynamic Design Compact, Packable Design Universal Fit Description If your not sure what the weather is going to do, and you don't want to put your full overshoes on then the Velotoze toe covers are a great item to have in your jersey pocket in case it rains. With a highly aerodynamic and lightweight construction these toe covers will not retain water when wet and are easy to put on and remove, simply roll them up or down your shoe and you are ready to go. The simple and snug design smooths the airflow around your shoes, allowing your feet to slip through the air with less drag than wearing an uncovered shoe, the perfect solution for time trials or race days when every second counts. Instructions 1. Put on sock and shoe 2. Pull toe cover over toe of shoe, being careful not to catch on cleats. 3. Adjust to ensure no part of toe covers are over cleats Tips 1. To prevent water from entering the shoe from the bottom of the shoe, remove insole and place tape over vent opening. 2. Avoid contact with sharp objects 3. Do not store in direct sunlight NB: Image for illustration purposes only