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Rocktape 2" Wide Tape - 5m Roll


What Is Rocktape? RockTape was created for the heat of competition. Rocktape knew first-hand that medical tape would fail under extreme conditions, so we developed a stronger, stretchier and stickier kinesiology tape. Kinesiology tape is made of tightly woven elasticated cotton fibres. The glue on the tape is acrylic, highly durable and waterproof so tape can be worn for up to a week withstanding vigorous movement, sweat and total emersion in water. The aim is that tape matches and augments the stretch characteristics of your skin and muscles Recent studies have shown kinesiology taping to... Reduce pain and alter movement patterns in people with anterior knee pain Alter dynamic foot posture in people with shin splints Increase lower back flexibility in healthy people Speed up recovery from acute lower back pain How Does It Work? RockTape microscopically lifts the skin away from the muscle and fascia, which decompresses the area which reduces swelling. RockTape also signals the central nervous system through the skin's nerves, which provides powerul feedback to minimise pain and cue form. When applied correctly, Rocktape’s unique elasticity causes the skin to lift, forming convolutions & wrinkles. This decompresses the tissue immediately below the skin. It is believed that this has three main effects: FLUID EFFECT:Improving blood and lymphatic flow in the taped area MECHANICAL EFFECT:Improving the slide and glide between tissue layers NEUROLOGICAL EFFECT:Altering the perception of pain and improving body awareness What Are The Benefits? Relieves swelling by creating more space for congested and compressed capillaries, lymph vessels, arteries, and veins. Speeds recovery, enabling you to go stronger, longer Increases awareness of your body position to help you maintain proper posture and form Can assist in reducing pain and swelling. Allows full range of movement Water resistant - can be worn for up to 5 days Hypoallergenic - contains no latex 1+2+3+4 = Rocktape is the BEST! #1 Rocktape is STRETCHIER: Stretch is good. Research shows that by making their tape with 180% elasticity, Rocktape offers fuller and better range of motion. Competitors only offer 130-150% stretch. #2 Rocktape is STICKIER: Other tapes on the market were created strictly for rehabilitation. Rocktape was created for the heat of competition. Athletes do not need the added worry of whether or not their tape will last throughout an event. #3 Rocktape is SNAPPIER: We use a special nylon called 6/12 to get the right stretch for the best snapback, recovery dynamics and moisture defense. #4 Rocktape is always BESPOKE: Rocktape believe the tape should fit you, not vice versa. To Assist With Injury Prevention And Recovery: Unlike rigid tape, which many people find too stiff and restrictive, Rocktape is stretchy and is quickly becoming the preferred tape used by practitioners and professional athletes alike. Key Symptoms That Rocktape May Assist: Muscle pain or cramping Joint pain Inflammation or bruising Zinc oxide allergies Who Can Use Rocktape? Kinesiology tape can be worn by anyone from children to the elderly. It can help to treat almost any pain or dysfunction being caused by the body’s musculoskeletal system. It works best at the milder end of the injury spectrum, especially for those who only get pain with activity or exercise. Although the glue is tough and durable, the tape can be removed with very little discomfort and leaves no residue on the skin. The glue is acrylic so contains no latex and can be used by those allergic to most other tapes. In all but the hairiest places the tape will still stick well and leave the hair behind when you take it off so shaving is rarely required Recommended sports: Running, Cycling, Mountain Biking, CrossFit, Weight Training, Olympic Lifting. Any physical activity to help reduce and prevent pain and improve posture.