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Orbea Comfort 12 Pack 2018 Hybrid Bike


If what you’re looking for is a bike with a comfortable position for excursions and getting around the city, you’ll love Orbea’s Comfort model.Think about what you’re going to do, and you’ll know which frame you need!Key Features:Reflective Tires.Front and Rear lights.Frame Lock.Large Platform, Reflective Pedals with Excellent Grip.Internal Cable Routing.Orbea Lifetime Warranty.Pack Includes:Rear Carrier - Portabultos De Acero Para Ruedas De 26 Y 28 Black.Mudguard - SKS 28".Front Light - Joss Spanninga Kendo XDAS Dinamo.Rear Light - Joss Spanninga Lineo XDS Dinamo.Dynamo - Shimano DH-3D37-NT, 6V Dynamo 3.0W.Lock - Axa Solid Plus.