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High5 IsoGel Mixed Flavours - 25 Pack


High5 IsoGel Mixed Flavours - 25 Pack. Key Features Real Juice Flavours For A Light Refreshing Taste. No Artificial Sweeteners 23g Of Carbohydrate Race Proven In The World’s Toughest Competitions Easy To Carry, Easy To Open No Gluten-Containing Ingredients Pack Includes 15 x 60ml Isogel Sachets & 10 x 60ml Isogel Plus Caffeine Sachets Description When it comes to energy products High5 are one of the most popular brands on the market thanks to their great taste and high performance. IsoGel has a consistency more like a sports drink than a gel. It is smooth and has a dash of real juice for a great taste. It’s not thick or overly sweet. Easy to open and swallow, each sachet contains 23g of carbohydrate. IsoGel is award-winning and proven in many of the World’s toughest competitions. No extra water required – IsoGel has a consistency more like a sports drink than a conventional gel and it’s palatable without the need to drink additional water. When endurance racing athletes must always ensure that they are also well hydrated. ZERO works great in combination with IsoGel. About High5 High5 have been making energy products for almost 20 years and as a result have become one of the most recognised sports nutrition companies in the world. Since day one High5 has been run by athletes who have competed in many of the world's toughest events so they know from personal experience how important it is to get nutrition absolutely right and what it takes to make a great sports product. High5 combine their practical no-nonsense approach with the latest developments in sports science to make sure their products are always leading edge and 100% fit for purpose. High5 continually push the boundaries, finding new ways to help you race faster and go further. High5 take great pride in the fact that for almost 20 years they have produced some of the very best sports nutrition products available and helped athletes (including themselves) reach their sporting objectives. NB: Image for illustration purposes only <span style="font-size:8.5pt;font-family:"Arial",sans-serif; color:#47494A">