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Halo Proactive Sport Shoe Spray 50ml

Halo Proactive

Halo Proactive Sport Shoe Spray 50mlAntibacterial & antifungal, sports shoe odour spray is designed to instantly kill odours. Active agents continue to destroy odour making bacteria for longer giving your shoes a new 'fresh' lease of life. How Does it Work?Halo shoe odour eliminator uses a unique formulation. This formulation uses 100% natural organic deodorising agents made by the fermentation of vegetable feedstock. The formulation contains natural enzymes which effectively remove malodours. Ideal for removing sweat smells from footwear. The unique formulation does not simply mask odours with high levels of fragrance but allows natural enzymes to neutralise odours Features:Uses 100% natural organic neutralisation technologyNatural Products Associated Certified Effective against gram positive and gram negative bacteria Effective fungicidal propertiesWater soluble100% safe on all footwear typesHandy sized bottle fits straight in your gym bagDirections for use :Remove insole of trainer or shoe, spray both sides with product. Spray inside the trainer or shoe and leave for 1 minute. Replace insole Buy Halo Proactive Accessories from Chain Reaction Cycles, the World's Largest Online Bike Store.