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Chapeau! Pave Bib Shorts Red Pad - Large


Chapeau! Pave Bib Shorts Red Pad - Large. Key Features Various Seat Pad Options Multi-Panel Design Full Mesh Back Wide Elasticated Cuff With Silicone Printing Zig-Zag Stitching For Flexibility Reflective Chapeau! Label Description Your bib shorts are your second skin providing both support and comfort. The quality of the pad is essential as one of the few touch points between you and your bike. To make sure you find the correct pad Chapeau have designed the Pave bib shorts with 3 different pads to suit various riding conditions. Like all shorts in the Chapeau range the Pave's feature a multi-panel design and full mesh back for stability and essential ventilation. Designed and tested on the rough British roads the Topazio fabric has less elasticity than regular lycra to hold tired leg muscles more firmly and reduce fatigue. Unlike most brands the Chapeau Club bib shorts don't use flatlock stitching as it doesn't allow the fabric to stretch and instead uses zig-zag stitching as this provides the ultimate flexibility. Other great features include wide elasticated cuffs with subtle silicone printing for maximum grip and external labels with reflective Chapeau! label for added visibility. Blue Pad - This pad will keep you comfy and fresh on longer rides and events. Ideal for sportives and audaxes. Green Pad - Ideal for heavier riders or for endurance events, the green pad will keep you comfortable throughout long events and cycle touring. Red Pad - Designed specifically for the racer or more aggressive rider who spends more time on the drops. About Chapeau Chapeau! is a brand conceived and developed by cyclists who yearned for great quality products that came complete with a touch of class. As consumers the guys behind Chapeau had become frustrated with the garish styling and over inflated value of bicycle clothing so they set out to create their own clothing brand. This led to the launch of Chapeau! and a “People’s bicycle club.” To ensure user happiness Chapeau! designed their clothing range with an understated, but classic, sense of style with a fair price tag. Chapeau! is never going to be the lowest price, but they strive to make sure it always provides the best value. As we all should know, price and value are two very different things! NB: Image for illustration purposes only