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Arena Women's Carbon Pro Powerskin Mk2 Kneeskin FBSLO


 3-Stages Benefit 1. Prior to the Race Mechanical resistance and durability: The integrated Carbon yarn ensures a stronger, more powerful 2. On the Blocks Mechanical Resistance and Durability: Powerskin Carbon Pro endures extreme stretch yet maintains ov Intelligent Compression: Maximum compression for support and control. 3. In the Race Intelligent Compression: Maximum compression on over extended sones, increasing support and control Power Return During Dives, Kicks and Turns: Thanks to intelligent placement construction of interna Information – customers from USA must be aware that the product is NOT COMPLIANT to: NFHS The National Federation of State High School Associations NCAA The National Collegiate Athletic Association Important Information: Sizing and Fit Race swimwear has a different fit and feel to standard training and leisure swimwear – we recommend   Arena Carbon Pro POWERSKIN Carbon Pro, the first racing suit integrating a carbon cage to deliver intelligent muscle compression, combined with unprecedented fit. Compression in a competition suit is associated with increased support, efficiency and power, but high compression can have a restricting effect on movement. A swimmer in motion is a dynamic form; catering to support and compression requirements is therefore more complex in this instance. How can you get the benefits of compression without its drawbacks? Simply squeezing the swimmer harder will not help! To deliver a breakthrough solution to the compression challenge, arena has incorporated carbon fibre into the weave of the POWERSKIN® Carbon-Pro fabric. Known for its unique structural and mechanical properties, the carbon fibre locks down when and where a critical stretch level is reached, while retaining the suit's elasticity. This delivers a ramp-up in compression on those specific overextended zones, increasing support and control where and when they are needed without detracting from the swimmer's mobility. Arena – How to Fit (Mens and Womens) Jammers/Legsuits and Full Suits Fold out the bottom of the suit so that the silicone is faced up and outside the garment Gently pull the suit up over your knee (avoiding using your fingernails) Now that you have your suit up over your wait ensure that there is no space between the suit and crotch. If there is space slowly work the suit up until it is in place. Fold the edge back down so that the silicone is against your legs and smooth away any creases. When the suit is fitted correctly it will allow you to bend your legs freely. Full Body Suits From the waist pull the suit up and over the upper part of your body. Slide one arm at a time through each arm hole, smoothing the suit as you do so. Tightening Your Jammers Do not pull the strings in the opposite direction of the drawstring opening, Cross the string before attempting to pull, and tighten.